Summer Anthems

The Summer Anthems series showcases the ultimate sunshine tracks, each in an 80 minute DJ set. The best uptempo feel-good tunes blended together in a mix – these tracks will leave you feeling fresh in the heat.


The album artwork for the Sunshine Anthems series

Sunshine Anthems 1

Dance music doesn’t have to always be a hands-in-the-air synth-a-thon. Drop the tempo a couple of beats per minute, and with the right tracks you have yourself some happy chilled-out vibes.

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The album artwork for the Sundshine Anthems series

Sunshine Anthems 2

Some tracks are ideal for the sunshine. Relax with a drink in your hand and your shades on.

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Mr Blue Lips Sunshine Anthems

Sunshine Anthems 3

This mix is perfect for uplifting your mood, blasting out the beats and creating the perfect is the perfect hands-in-the-air sound of summer dance music.

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Sunshine Anthems

Sunshine Anthems 4

Uplifting house vibes to accompany your lazy weekends in the sun.

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