The Best of Almighty Records

Since 1989 Almighty have produced the best loved hands-in-the-air sound of Summer dance music. As well as the most uplifting in-house cover-versions of tracks that had no real dance version of their own, from their hay day in the mid 90’s they have also remixed original pop tracks for huge record labels. With their top producer moving on to his own group, 7th Heaven, Almighty have seen somewhat of a demise, but here is a selection of the greatest Almighty mixes.


Deja Vu feat Tasmin

The Best of Deja Vu Feat. Tasmin

Including the hot-off-the-press Moonlight Shadow and the aptly named This Is The Last Time, this mix is truly a bumper tribute to the extremely popular singer behind the artist, Jackie Rawe.

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Natalie Brown Mix

The Best of Natalie Browne

In true Almighty style, the tracks featured in the mix are high-octane, uplifting and guaranteed to get your hands in the air.

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Best of Belle Lawrence Mix

The Best of Belle Lawrence – Part 1

This meagmix features many new productions that Almighty fans can enjoy again and again including, La Roux’s brilliant ‘Bulletproof’ and The Killers’ divine ‘Human’.

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Belle Lawrence

The Best of Belle Lawrence – Part 2

Almighty Records artist Belle Lawrence, also known as Tracey Cole, Ignition X and 3am as well as her real name Belle Erskine is a popular artist in the dance music scene.

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