The Best of Newton


From Stock and Aitken fame, Newton is most famous for his track ‘Sky High’ and the ever popular, club classic, ‘Sometimes When We Touch’, both of which went Gold in Australia in 1995.

This megamix showcases the most upbeat and uplifting remixes of Newton’s tracks. From the legendary Pete Hammond, to the most up to date house due 7th Heaven.

I recently saw Newton LIVE at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester.


Track listing:

  1. Sometimes When We Touch (7th Heaven Club Mix)
  2. Heaven to Me (StarLab Club Mix)
  3. Feels Like Heaven (Starlab Club Mix)
  4. Time to Believe (Starlab Club Mix)
  5. Don’t Stop Believing (Starlab Club Mix)
  6. Pandora’s Box (StarLab Club Mix)
  7. Fly Away (Starlab Club Mix)
  8. Love And Affection (Pete Hammond Mix)
  9. Runaway (StarLab Club Mix)
  10. We’re All Alone (Pete Hammond Mix)
  11. All Out Of Love (Mark Duffy Mix)
  12. Stranger (Starlab Club Mix)
  13. Sky High
  14. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (Pete Hammond Mix)
  15. Don’t Worry (Northern Noise Mix)
  16. In Love (Starlab Club Mix)
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